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Being fit means much more than just being thin. It means being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. It means being strong enough to lift your child without throwing out your back. It means recovering from knee surgery. It means eating foods that actually provide nourishment to your body. Being fit means something different to everyone.

Being fit looks different on everyone. You will not see stock photos of fitness models filling these pages. You will only see photos of my clients and the actual results they have achieved. My clients are real people with real lives and all of the restrictions that implies. Some of them will look like what you envision “fit” to be, others will not, but I promise you, every one of them is happier, healthier and closer to their ideal of fit than before we started working together. Learn more about working with me…

Brandie Sylfae, Portland Oregon Personal Trainer

Portland, OR Personal Training

Personal Training by Brandie Sylfae in Portland, OR

Working at the Green Microgym or at your home in Portland, Oregon, I can help you reach your fitness goals with personal training that's designed just for you.

I always tailor workouts to meet the goals and abilities of my clients. Every person is different, so every person gets a personalized workout.

Don't let an injury stop you from getting into the gym! I have experience rehabbing joint injuries both pre- and post-surgery, in people of all ages and abilities. I have also helped clients get back on their feet after cardiac surgery.

Personal Health Coaching

Already know what to do in the gym, but having trouble getting everything else in order? Need someone to hold you accountable for what you eat or help you stick to your fitness schedule? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure or Metabolic Syndrome? Integrative health coaching is for you! Check out our Coaching page to learn more. Available in Portland and virtually.

Five stars! I would recommend Brandie without hesitation. Her approach is consultative, knowledgeable and warm but she’s strong, encouraging and motivating in her delivery. I hired her to get me in shape and that’s exactly what she did! She truly cares about her clients’ health and well being. I think the world of Brandie both personally and professionally.

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About Brandie

Portland, Oregon Certified Personal Trainer & Integrative Health Coach

I have been exploring paths to wellness for more than twenty years. I have always been physically active; dancing since I could walk, earning my second degree black belt from Chuck Norris when I was sixteen and teaching aerobics at eighteen. Read more...

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