About NBS Fit & Brandie Sylfae

Brandie Sylfae is a Portland, Oregon AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & Integrative Health Coach

Brandie Sylfae, Portland, Oregon AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & IntegrativeHealth Coach
I have been exploring paths to wellness for more than twenty years. I have always been physically active; dancing since I could walk, earning my second degree black belt from
Chuck Norris when I was sixteen and teaching aerobics at eighteen. I began my career as a researcher, developing an understanding of the body at a molecular level through the study of cancer biology, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. When I decided to move from cells to the whole body, I became an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer.


I am 65 years old. When I became a client 8 months ago I could only walk a maximum of 4 blocks due to pain in my knees, hips, and lower back. Stairs were agonizing. I was also recovering from myofasical pain syndrome in my left shoulder and as a result I could barely lift a 5 lb weight above my head. I currently walk 30 city blocks a day and getting stronger and bench press 30 lbs with confidence. My blood pressure has dropped 44 points. Brandie’s attention to safety and her progressive and controlled workouts make each new exercise or weight a positive experience. I feel balanced, fit, and confident. Thank you Brandie for helping make me whole again. —Marcia


Working with my clients, it became apparent that some of them had issues outside of the gym that were keeping them from reaching their goals, so I started having “talk sessions” with them. These sessions led me to further my education and enroll in the Integrative Health Coach program at the Duke University School of Integrative Medicine.

As an Integrative Health Coach, I have worked with people of all ages, helping them set achievable goals with respect to not only their bodies, but also careers, spirituality, self-care, families, and other areas that are important to them. All of these points are important to a complete and healthy person. My unique method combines traditional coaching techniques with a knowledge of human biology, nutrition, exercise, herbal remedies, and behavior modification to help my clients achieve and maintain whole health, a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Be well.
Be whole.
Be fit.
Natural. Balanced. Strong.