Fitness & Personal Training

Fitness & Personal Training by Brandie Sylfae in Portland, Oregon

I was a frustrated, out of shape, ex-college athlete. Prior to meeting Brandie I had spent a year “working out in the gym”, doing my own thing. I worked the circuit and ran a few times a week, but I noticed very little change. Finally, a friend of mine introduced me to Brandie and everything changed. In a short six months, I re-learned how to eat and was introduced to a whole new way to work out. Today I feel great and I couldn’t have gotten here without Brandie! —Stephanie


I train clients at The Green Microgym located at SE 34th and Belmont in Portland, Oregon. You don’t have to be a member of the gym to train with me, but if you want to use the gym outside of our time you will have to become a member. I am no longer available for in-home training.

One of the best things about The Green Microgym is the cardio equipment! We have several elliptical trainers and bicycles that generate electricity that gets fed back into the grid while in use. How brilliant is that? Even better, if you keep track of your time on this equipment, you can earn coupons good at local merchants in the Burn & Earn program.

I offer one-on-one and small group sessions. Sometimes having a friend along helps the motivation!


1-on-1 Pricing
30 minute: $45
45 minute: $55
60 minute: $75
Small Group Pricing (2-4 people)
All small group sessions are 60 minutes.
$45 per person for 2 people
$40 per person for 3 people
$35 per person for 4 people







One-Off 60-Minute Session $95 – If you are relatively healthy and just looking for some new exercises and then want to be left alone, this is for you. See me once and I’ll put together a workout plan for you based on the exercises we do during the session. You will receive a write up that includes descriptions of your exercises and an explanation of how to progress them. You will be required to fill out a health history questionnaire before we meet.


I never hesitate to refer my patients to Brandie. Her extraordinary level of expertise is matched only by her determination to find the perfect workout to suit someone’s needs. She considers special restrictions and goals to design a truly customized plan, and will ensure that you use perfect form while working that plan. She’s also a heck of a lot of fun to work out with. —Sharon Rose, LAc, MSAOM

Be well.
Be whole.
Be fit.
Natural. Balanced. Strong.