Exciting Update! I have completed the Precision Nutrition certification course and am certified nutrition coach, so we can get as specific as you like about your food. Unless you have a medical condition that would be better addressed by an RD, CN or MD. In that case, I’ll still refer you to someone properly qualified.

If you like to make up your own recipes or have family favorites that you would like to know the nutrition breakdown of your favorite recipes, Calorie Count Recipe Analysis is a great tool. Why guess at the protein content if you can know it? It even tells you the vitamin and mineral content, which is important for some medical conditions. Need to know the nutrient breakdown of a specific food? Nutrition Data has rarely failed me. It’s not about counting calories. It’s about knowing what you are eating. If you are trying to increase your fiber intake and you are looking at adding beans to your diet, it might be nice to know which beans are highest in fiber.

I trust Brandie to know my body better than I do. —Peter

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