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Supplement bars are very handy for when you are on the go and are stuck without a healthy snack option, but it is better not to count on them every day. While Luna and Clif bars are better choices than a Big Mac, they are still a processed food and whole foods offer a more complete and bioavailable nutrition than bars. Not only that, too many supplement bars can lead to intestinal distress for many. A better idea is to keep your desk, briefcase or office fridge stocked with quick and tasty choices for when snack time hits. Remember, you want to get in a carbohydrate, protein and fat about every three hours to keep your metabolism moving, your energy high and not feel hungry!

Use the three lists below to put together a tasty office snack.

Complex Carbohydrate
Triscuits (5 crackers = 100 cal)
Kashi Instant Oatmeal (1packet = 150-160cal)
Whole Wheat Bread (1slice = 100cal)
Fruits (1/2inch cubes or a small to medium whole fruit, 40-90 cals)
Vegetables (1-2 cups, 25-100cal)

Lean Protein
Beef Jerky or turkey jerky (1oz = 80-100cal)
Sargento Reduced Fat String Cheese (1 stick = 50cal)
Fage 2% Greek Style Yogurt (3.5oz = 67cal)

Healthy Fats
Almonds (7 nuts = 28cal)
Almond Butter (1 tbsp = 100cal)
Hummus (1/4cup = 100cal)
Sunflower Seeds (1tbsp = 50cal)

How about these combinations?
A slice of whole wheat bread with some almond butter and Fage on the side.
Five Triscuits, a Sargento string cheese and a tablespoon of sunflower seeds.
Carrots and celery dipped in hummus with a side of jerky.

Clearly, this is just a starting point. Get creative! Eat often and stay healthy!

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