How to Figure Out How Many Calories You Need

December 4, 2012 | Comments: 6 Comments

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I can almost guarantee you, if you are only eating 1200 calories per day, you aren’t eating enough.  You may lose weight for a while, but you will plateau.  Here is a great calculator to use to figure out how much to eat Accurate Calorie Calculator.  Choose the Katch-Mcardle equation on Step 8.  This one is almost as good and you should use it if you don’t know your percentage of body fat Good Calorie Calculator.  Don’t like those two?  How about this one from the Mayo Clinic  instead?  It’s a little more conservative.


Please share this far and wide. Humans need to start eating again!


Not convinced that you can eat more calories and still lose weight? Maybe reading this will help covince you that eating the right amount of food is good for you.




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