We Are ALL Real Women

February 5, 2013 | Comments: 2 Comments

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If I read one more “fitspirational” post about “real women” looking a specific way (curvy/not curvy, muscled/not muscled, hip-having/not hip-having) I am going to blow up the internet. There is no one way a “real woman” should look. If you’ve got two X chromosomes, take a look in the mirror. That is one of a billion possible ways a female could look. Born with one X and one Y chromosome yet identify as female? Awesome. Take a look in the mirror. That is one of a billion different ways a female could look.

THERE IS NO ONE PERFECT LOOK and there is no one definition of what it means to be female. You do not have to insult other humans to feel better about yourself. I am 5’2″ and kind of curvy with a splash of muscles and a couple of tattoos. That makes me exactly as female as the six foot tall runway model and the completely ripped figure athlete and the mom running around town with two kids in tow wishing she could grab a latte and a tummy tuck in one stop.

We are all in this together, so just stop. Every single one of us has issues that we deal with every day. Work/life balance. Food. Getting to the gym. Taking care of families. Taking care of ourselves. Bills. Crap! Did I leave the stove on? There is always something.

Be kind to each other. Support each other. Be kind to yourself.


You Got This.

Pass it on.


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2 responses to “We Are ALL Real Women”

  1. That’s a great piece. There is no single perfect person in the world but then I think the commercial entities especially the ‘supplements-weight loss-companies’ are creating a stampede with unrealistic promises. My advice: Accept yourself first and see how best you can deal with your situation.

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