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Two weeks ago I received a text message that read:

Ok, I have a job offer for you. I would like you to design me a work-out schedule. I am extremely out of shape and rapidly becoming MORE out of shape since I’m not leaving my house. I am also extremely self-conscious, so I don’t want you to watch me do my workout, but I do want you to check in with me frequently to guilt me into actually doing it. What would be your rate for such a thing?

I love this because the person who sent this is 100% aware of their need to exercise while safe at home and is also aware that they are uncomfortable exercising in front of someone. I totally get this! There can be so many emotions wrapped up with exercise that doing it in front of another person is overwhelming, but dang if I want to turn into a potato while at home.

Of course, I said that I would do it and I’m going to offer anyone reading this the same deal I gave the person who sent the message. As a monthly package you will receive:

  1. An emailed weekly workout routine that progresses as you do and includes warm up, strength training, stretches, and agility if it is appropriate. (4 workouts in a month)
  2. Links to videos demonstrating the exercises
  3. Cardio suggestions if you want them
  4. Scheduled text check-ins twice per week. You’ll give me feedback on how you are doing with the exercises, so I can progress them for you properly, and I’ll give you nudges to help with motivation. And probably an unscheduled text or two because contact is important.


The cost for this package will be $100 per month while we are physically distancing and maybe for a bit after. Let me know if we can work together to help keep your spirits up! We can get started right away! Seriously. I have the time.


I’m still going to post exercise videos to Instagram, so you will always have access to those for free! Move for stress relief. Move for pain relief. Move because it is what bodies are supposed to do.

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